WESTERN Hysterics as ITS Criminal Wars in Middle East Unravel in Exposure

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    Western Hysterics as Its Criminal War in Syria Unravels
    That scenario is not all that different from the recent hysterical behavior of the US and its Western allies, Britain and France, over the Syrian conflict. Since the ceasefire brokered by US and Russian diplomats broke down last week, the Western powers have launched an unprecedented war of words on Russia, accusing the latter of war crimes and “barbarism” in Syria.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has rightly deplored the US, British and French “rhetoric verging on insults by so-called diplomats”. She added: “This is hysteria and reveals that these Western states are losing control and doing their utmost to distract from their disastrous policy in Syria.”

    © AP Photo/ Manu Brabo, File

    Last weekend saw a veritable diplomatic media circus at the UN Security Council when the American, British and French ambassadors ganged up in an attempt to browbeat Russia for allegedly committing war crimes in Syria. US official Samantha Power got so carried away with hubris that she even warned that Russia might be somehow

    from the council – this from a country which has destroyed up to a dozen nations through illegal wars over the past three decades.

    And speaking of circuses, the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, whose conduct often resembles that of a clown, chimed into the Russia-bashing chorus by telling the BBC that Russia “may be guilty of war crimes” in Syria, without presenting a shred of evidence. Two days later, Johnson was on an official visit to Turkey to talk up trade and tourism business. The buffoonish Boris was even cracking jokes about the marvels of Turkish-manufactured washing machines.

    Does that sound like the demeanor of a senior British diplomat who only two ago was expressing solemn concerns about war crimes in Syria?

    © Sputnik/ Michael Alaeddin

    These American, British and French officials wouldn’t know sincerity if it smacked them in the face. For them, politics is just a media show, much like a commercial break in which they mouth a few lines before moving on to the next promotion.

    Let’s take the Western show of “condemnation” at the UN. First of all, where are they getting their information to formulate the grave claims that Russia and its Syrian ally are indiscriminately bombing civilians in the besieged city of Aleppo?

    Why, none other than anonymous “activists” and groups like the so-called White Helmets who are propaganda conduits for Al Qaeda terror groups that dominate the militants. Western governments and mass media have degenerated into nothing more than broadcasters for terrorist groups, whom they euphemistically refer to as “moderate rebels”.

    And it is these terror groups like Jaysh al Fatah and Jabhat al Fatah al Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front) that are holding some 250,000 civilians hostage as human shields in the eastern quarter of Aleppo.

    If Syria’s President Bashar al Assad was such a villain, why are six times that population – 1.5 million – living willingly in the government-held western side of the city?


    Western governments and dutiful mass news outlets are blatantly distorting the reality in Aleppo and Syria generally. The disinformation is given a veneer of credibility through hysterical and sensationalist claims, such as allegations that Syrian and Russian forces bombed a UN humanitarian aid convoy.

    It is almost certain that the aid convoy attacked near Aleppo on September 19 – which forms the basis of Western claims of alleged Russian war crimes – was carried out by the foreign-backed terror groups. The White Helmet “volunteer” who produced the video imputing Syria and Russia has since been identified as an armed cadre in one of the terror groups.

    The battle for Aleppo portends the final chapter in the nearly six-year Syrian war. That war is being brought to a close by the formidable combined efforts of Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. It was probably Russia’s intervention exactly 12 months ago that tipped the balance in favor of Syria defeating the foreign-sponsored covert war.

    And as the final chapter of this war comes to a close, the clandestine role of the Western powers in fomenting and fueling this conflict is emerging. The US, Britain and France, along with their regional client regimes in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel, have sponsored terrorist proxies to do their strategic bidding of toppling the Syrian state.

    Like a noxious substance hitting the proverbial fan, the mess is being revealed.

    © REUTERS/ Abdalrhman Ismail

    The futile ceasefire has shown spectacularly how the Western narrative of “moderates” and “extremists” is a risible fiction. American, British and French claims of only supporting “secular rebels” is demonstratively a fraud. They are supporting terrorist brigades who have nearly destroyed a once pluralist, peaceful and prosperous society – just as they did in countless other countries.

    It is arguable that this exposure was why the Americans and British decided to collapse the ceasefire with the murderous air strike on the Syrian army base at Deir ez-Zor on September 17 in which over 62 troops were slaughtered.

    Further revelations by the Syrian parliamentary speaker that audio tapes have caught US military personnel liaising with terror groups to coordinate the attack at Deir ez-Zor serve to substantiate the analysis of Western systematic collusion in the destruction of Syria.

    Another explosive insight was provided by a German media report in which an Al Nusra commander confirmed that the terror group has received heavy weaponry from the US, including TOW anti-tank missiles. Interviewed days before the UN aid convoy sabotage nearly Aleppo, the terrorist commander also said that his cadres would prevent any UN trucks entering Aleppo. That implicates US-backed militants in the war crime, and is in keeping with their refusal to honor the ceasefire and of holding the civilian population as hostages.


    The horror story of Syria’s war – in which up to half a million people have been killed, millions maimed and orphaned, millions turned into abject refugees – is coming to a close. And the masterminds behind this criminal covert war for regime change are being revealed.

    The US, Britain and France – the main authors – are up to their necks in collusion with terrorist gangs who have carried out monumental horrors on the Syrian people in order to terrorize them into submitting to hegemonic designs for regime change.

    The full complicity of Washington, London and Paris is being illuminated – despite the Western media’s own complicity in covering up the criminal conspiracy.

    That is why the Western powers are now going into panic mode. They know that their dirty war in Syria is not only being vanquished; they fear that their culpability in sponsoring this despicable conflict is also being uncovered.

    Sensing the end of the plot, the Western accomplices in state terrorism are resorting to hysterical distractions. Absurdly, one of those distractions is to accuse Russia of war crimes in a war that was unleashed in the first place by the Western powers.

    However, the Western terror sponsors will find they can’t run from damnation.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.
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    it should be noted == that the -- yet again -- ceasire ''agreement" between russia and USA (which , mind you really SHOULDN'T have ANY say in syria -- it is there ILLEGALLY no matter how much russia merely tolerates its presence with ''consultation in all matters with US " (syrian government) - in order to encourage the USA TO come CLEAN - WHICH THE USA REFUSES TO DO ..

    TODAY was finally made public in FULL by russia -- ''in order to show the world what the details are - and which parties are NOT complying"...

    this is the same agreement that USA wanted tO keep SECRET -- and only allowed certain portions in its own ''leak" 4days ago -- ALSO in violation with agreement with russia to publish it TOGETHER OFFICIALLY which russia originally requested..


    additionally :

    1) the ;'bellingcat" 'evidence' of 'russian missile part' in the attack on the convoy - that 'landed through the roof of a building into a warehouse" -- curiously shows NO BURNED material inside that building - where a bomb should be burning cartons - and instead is found under A carton with NO hole in the ground...lol...
    2) satellite image by russia showed again -- the bombing of the convoy done by the terrorists themselves...AFTER THE food and medicine was delivered and convoy was on the way OUT ...

    BAN KI MOON -- UN secretary general and staffan di mistura spread the US based accusations agianst russia/syria -- ONLY for the UN -- ONCE exposed by russia for having NO evidence -- retract it...

    DI MISTURA WAS DIRECTLY questioned in the emergency UNSC meeting on SUNDAY -- demanded by USA - UK, FRANCE -- to theatrically call russia 'barbarians and war criminals" --

    by russia's CHURKIN -- ""what have you been doing according to our agreements to make the others comply? it is months now since you yourself hae promised that -- i want it straight from you mouth in your neutral capacity"

    DI MISTURA came back withhandwritten notes one hour later with nonsense...and ''we are working on it"......

    (i watched this live myself) ..


    it should also be noted that SYRIA has captured RADIO communication between AMERICAN forces and the terrorists in the attack on syrian forces in Deir-ez-Zor ...

    BUT of course to americans ''it's absurd"...

    OF COURSE, of course -- you\re just being CAUGHT RED-HANDED...

    USA - UK, FRANCE -- especially as the ALLIES OF TERRORISTS!!


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