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    if this is a genuine ''hacking' group sick and tired of these ''Masters of the World" that arose and are centered around the atlantic north -- it is what has been long awaited -- even by the indifferent...that needs to be taken apart .

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    /--/ / / / /_/ /_/ / // /_/
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    0x? HackBack movement
    AnD AnonyMous

    ===============[ present ]================

    === Message to the People ===
    SInCe the Advent of Time, huMans have long forgotten to love and CaRe for eaCh other.
    In TheiR egoist, selfish driven minds, a coUpLe of people have managed to get the Power and abuse it against the weakz.
    HiStorY is repEating Itself.
    TheRe is no EqualiTy between humans on world scale and So called HumAN Rights ArE nothiNg more than an Illusion.
    The Globalization and World order system is faVorinG this unbearable situation, at least it IS for huMans-caRers.
    whatS going On today: weak PeoPles suffer, die or livE in poVerty to serve upper interestS.
    EmPoweRed ElitE plays the world BIG Guys.
    This World order is conduCted by grouPs which are composed of WeALthy 1% uber-Elite and CorrUpted empowered Politicians.
    DoNt follOw theIr proPagaNda sayIng this situation Is not TruE or Paranoia-driven.
    post cold-war LiberaL capitalism has managed tO wideSpreAd *IDEA* that $$$ equals hapiness and should be a lifegoal for the 99%. An egoist goal.
    ThIs system also sEttleD durably dOminance of ThesE groups.
    they told Us "yOu GoT To worK hard!" TheY don't. Inheriting powerS from their Parents and these groups of "FriEnds".
    ThEre Is no suCces sTories sorry: would TOp100 richEst persons alive still been riCh if thEy were born in Africa from poor pArents, No.
    ThEse whole grouPs and iNterests are driVen by tHe evil idea that some HuMans (them) are superiorS to others (you).
    ThE CurRent sysTem will keep them in place, in good positions and for a good amoUnT of Time.
    YOuR CHildrEN stand NO CHANCE aGainst theirs. whatEver schools you put theM in.

    NoW() is the time you need to think
    NoW() is the time we nEed to put an end to this altogether
    As you mAy havE guessEd thIs fight is INequal
    PoWeR is in the hand of ThesE groupS
    But not All hope is lost
    We, the free people, wiLl fIght for You without even asking
    But we need mOre than this: we beg you supPort
    WiThoUt you, the public, We cAnT do nothing
    LiSten to yoUr heart, see the situation and do what you shoUld
    YoU *CAN* makE the world a better place

    === Message to the WealthY Elitico-Political 1% RIChEst dominant pricks ===
    WoRDs are not enOugh To TeLl you how much we dispiTe you and your dominant behAvior
    No HumAns stanD above otheRs and you WIll have to learn IT
    Dear Bilderberg mEmBers, From NoW(), each OnE of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in faVor of HumaNs and not youR private interests
    Each TopIc you disCuss or work you achieve thRough YoUr uber privAte meetinGs should from now benefit WORlD population and not X or Y groUp of people
    OtHerWIse, we will FinD you and we Will hAck you
    MiNd the cuRrent situation: We conTrol your expensive connected cars, we control your connecteD house security devices, we control your daughter laptop, we control your wife's mobile,
    we tape YoUR seCret meetings, we reAD your emaiLs, we control your faVoriTe eScort girl smartWatch, we ARe inside your beLoved banks and we Are reading YoUr assets
    You wont be safe anywhere near electricty anyMore
    We WiLL watch yOu, from NoW on you got to WoRk for Us, Humanity, the People

    ====================== [ greets ]=========================

    CheErs to PhineAs Fisher, you Re one of the GreatEst hUmaN alive
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    'We will watch you': Bilderberg website hacked
    Hackers have taken down the website of the Bilderberg Club, replacing the shadowy organization's page with a warning that the Atlanticist elites have a year to work for the benefit of humanity or their assets will be hacked next.

    "Dear Bilderberg members, from now on, each one of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in favor of humans and not your private interests,” the hackers, who identified themselves as the "HackBack movement and Anonymous,” said in a message posted at

    “Otherwise, we will find you and we will hack you,” they threatened the “Wealthy Elitico-Political 1 percent.”

    “Mind the current situation: We control your expensive connected cars, we control your connected house security devices, we control your daughter’s laptop, we control your wife's mobile. We tape your secret meetings, we read your emails, we control your favorite escort girl’s smartwatch, we are inside your beloved banks and we are reading your assets. You won’t be safe anywhere near electricity anymore,” the hackers said.

    The Bilderberg Club is a group of European and American leaders from the fields of politics, industry, finance, media and academia who have met annually since 1954. Their meetings are notoriously closed to the public and blacked out to press coverage.

    The most recent Bilderberg conference, the group’s 64th, was held in Dresden, Germany in June 2016.

    READ MORE: Bilderberg 2016: World’s top brass meets in Dresden to talk migrants, Brexit and US elections

    A cryptic note at the end of the hackers’ statement praises Phineas Fisher as the “greatest human alive.” Fisher is a self-described hacktivist who claimed responsibility for hacking the British-German surveillance company Gamma International in 2014 and cracking the Hacking Team in 2015. He also took credit for taking more than 300,000 emails and documents from Turkey’s ruling AKP party in June 2016; the documents were subsequently published by WikiLeaks.

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