Obama contradicts himself on sovereignty.....

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    When the subject is Donald Trump, Obama informs us that security barriers don't work or aren't moral. But when he visits a non-white, non-Christian nation, he is all for national sovereignty and respecting borders. Consider this quote from his speech in Vietnam this past May:

    "The 20th century has taught all of us, including the United States and Vietnam, that the international order upon which our mutual security depends is rooted in certain rules and norms: nations are sovereign, and no matter how large or small a nation may be, its sovereignty should be respected and its territory should not be violated."

    Unless of course it consists of a historically white Christian population, in which case it would be a Nazi-like nation for maintaining its sovereignty and protecting its territory, even if the nation in question (the U.S., Britain, etc.) consists of white people whose ancestors defeated the Nazis. See that logic?

    Someone must not have been thinking clearly after his "historic visit" to the Baltimore mosque!

    President Obama 'Sovereignty should be respected' US-Vietnam relations

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