Gambles: Marrakesh, Houston, Katowice and Charleston

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    bet365 offering

    Marrakesh: 2.37 on Coric, 1.57 on Delbonis
    Houston: 1.53 on Sock, 1.57 on Monaco
    Katowice: 2.10 on Giorgi, 1.72 on Cibulkova
    Charleston: 1.57 on Stephens, 2.37 on Vesnina

    Likely better odds if you shop around, but gives a rough idea.

    I don't really like any of these matches... but 2.10 on Giorgi and 2.37 on Coric probably represent the best value IMO.
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    Agree with you, all these matches are 50/50.

    Coric-Delbonis,I have a preference for Delbonis. Coric had 2 tight matches and against a clay specialist such as Delbonis I don't see him winning. However, Delbonis @ 1.57 is a bit short to be taken.
    Sock-Monaco is a one I will definitely stay away, Sock is a natural favourite but there are too many unknowns about Monaco's form and if he is in a good day he can give a lot of troubles to Sock.
    Giorgi and Cibulkova played twice and Giorgi won both times. Once in straight 6/4 7/6, once in three 7/5 5/7 7/6. On this one I may prefer alternate bets like over 21.5 games (1.93), match in 3 (2.4) or Cibulokova in 3 sets (4.3).
    I would be tempted to go with Stephens in 2 @2.43.
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