CNN: Trump supporters kicked, punched, and spit on in Costa Mesa.....

Discussion in 'World Affairs' started by calitennis127, Apr 29, 2016.

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    This is the diabolical "political correctness" that has taken root in the West at work. It is only fitting that the anti-Trump violence in Costa Mesa was organized by an openly pro-North Korea leftist group called the Party for Socialism and Liberation (or PSL). On Twitter the PSL openly boasted of its participation in the protests. The heirs to the legacy of Leninist political correctness are carrying the torch in working to dominate other people's thoughts.

    Combine these white clowns with the Mexican revanchists brashly waving Mexican flags and you get violence. Among the signs being held up by the "protesters" were ones that said "Make America Mexico again" (as a play off of Trump's slogan) and another that says "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always, and is and will be again."

    Now isn't it funny that for so many Mexicans this issue over immigration is a straightforward matter of advancing atheir grudge against the gringo, while for many culturally illiterate Euro-Americans it is a matter of feeling morally wholesome about creating a multicultural society. (Talk about proving what you're setting out to disprove.)

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