Wednesday Washout in Rio. All Matches Cancelled

britboxAuthor: britbox
Date: August 11, 2016

The entire Olympic tennis programme was wiped in Rio on Wednesday with torrential rain and high winds making play impossible.

‘It’s not like just the heavens have opened, but hell too.’ said an official.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal who is still in contention for medals in the Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles events may be the most affected.  Nadal had played five matches in three days prior to the Wednesday downpours and will need to play three matches on Thursday.

Photo by a.dombrowski


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Washout in Rio. All Matches Cancelled”

  1. JesuslookslikeBorg says:

    ^^is that dreddy brown ?..if so, what's he doing wandering around wet courts with his injured ankle ?/

    just thought..could be a pic from a rainy day BEFORE he was injured. durr.

  2. Moxie says:

    I don't think that's Dustin, but Rafa was out practicing in the rain yesterday. No photo, but somewhat ill-advised? Anyway, it worked for him. #workethic

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