The Top 10 Social Media Kings of Men’s Tennis

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Date: August 12, 2016

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Who are the most popular players when it comes to a social media following? Discuss.Tennis checked out the three major social media channels and compiled the results… some surprises…

No.10: Grigor Dimitrov (930,118)

“Baby Federer” never lived up to his strapline, but Grigor Dimitrov boasts the 10th largest following in men’s tennis. Dimitrov doesn’t have an official Instagram presence but makes up for it with numbers on Facebook and Twitter.

Followers: Twitter: 282,000 Facebook: 648,118

No.9:  Kei Nishikori (1,185,453)

Nishikori is a huge name in Japan and the likelihood is that he has his own huge following on Japanese social media channels, but in terms of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, he weighs in at Number 9 on the list with just under 1.2 million followers.

Followers: Twitter: 399,000 Facebook: 666,453 Instagram: 120,000

No.8: Gael Monfils (1,266,211)

Monfils has been accused of being passive from time to time on-court but you can’t say the same about his social media presence, the enigmatic Frenchman boasts over 1.2 million followers across the main social media channels.

Followers: Twitter: 655,000 Facebook: 370,211 Instagram: 241,000

No.7: David Ferrer (1,812,185)

Ferrer has utilised Twitter well, engaging the public and boasts a whopping 1.4 million followers on that channel.  The Spanish baseliner has also tapped into Facebook but to date, has no Instagram presence.  We feel he’s punching above his weight.

Followers: Twitter: 1,400,000 Facebook: 412,185

No.6: Stan Wawrinka (1,945,859)

The Swiss star and two-time major winner has leveraged his success into building a social media following just shy of two million followers. Wawrinka has successfully tapped into the younger demographic, boasting a healthy 550,000 followers on Instagram.

Followers: Twitter: 686,000 Facebook: 709, 859 Istagram: 550,000

No.5: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (1,994,203)

Tsonga is a likeable fellow and this is reflected in his social media statistics. Good followings on Facebook and Twitter didn’t stop the Frenchman linking into Instagram to boost his social media profile.

Followers: Twitter: 864,000 Facebook: 842,203 Instagram: 288,000

No.4: Andy Murray (8,275,280)

The numbers ramp up significantly with Andy Murray.  Murray was an early advocate of social media, particularly Twitter, and now boasts a healthy 8.2 million+ followers across the major channels. Nearly 6.2 million more than Tsonga who ranks one place below.

Followers: Twitter: 3,660,000 Facebook: 3,681,280 Instagram: 934,000

No.3: Novak Djokovic (16,351,844)

World Number One Novak Djokovic boats a staggering 16 million+ following including 6.5 million Twitter followers, 7.1 million Facebook followers and a healthy 2.7 million on Instagram (where he ranks top).

Followers: Twitter: 6,500,000 Facebook: 7,151,844 Instagram: 2,700,000

No.2: Roger Federer (22,873,000)

Arguably, the greatest player to pick up a tennis racquet, Roger Federer ranks #2 on our social media list… albeit with a whopping number of followers… just shy of 23 million.  Federer was a latecomer to Twitter and has amassed 6.1 million fans in less than a year. Still, he falls short of his nemesis, Rafael Nadal…

Followers: Twitter: 6,100,000 Facebook: 14,573,000 Instagram: 2,200,000

No.1: Rafael Nadal (27,290,334)

The Spanish Bull boasts a staggering following of over 27.2 million and ranks #1 among active male tennis players. Nadal was an early advocate of Twitter but took to Facebook fairly late.  He leads all categories apart from Instagram and currently holds the GOAT title of social media.

Followers: Twitter: 10,700,000 Facebook: 14,690,334 Instagram: 1,900,000

Summary Notes

The Big 3+1 couldn’t be more evident. Nadal, Federer and Djokovic have more followers than the rest of the tour put together, although Andy Murray has done a good job of utilising his social media presence.

Twitter and Facebook are clearly the dominant platforms with Instagram in a distant third place. Interesting to see no #nextgen players are making much of an impact other than Nick Kyrgios (not listed). Nick has 188,000 Twitter followers, 235,285 Facebook followers. Dominic Thiem has around 30,000 Twitter followers and Alexander Zverev hasn’t even got pages up for Facebook or Twitter.

Zverev has a fan page at – worth joining, but no official social media.


2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Social Media Kings of Men’s Tennis”

  1. Owen Gigg Owen Gigg says:

    So Instagram=Fast Hard Court, Facebook=Medium Hard Court Twitter=Clay.

    Federer just needs Instagram to grow to improve the H2H 🙂

  2. Owen Gigg Owen Gigg says:

    Grigor Dimitrov – No.10 on the social media list. Can he ever match his popularity by his ranking?

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