ATT Tour : An opportunity to be known for your tennis expertise !

britboxAuthor: britbox
Date: March 7, 2016


As all of us here, I love tennis. And I love pretending that I understand tennis too ! That’s why few years ago I started betting on tennis, just to prove myself that I was right.

When you bet on a tennis match, there are three steps to pick a particular player :
– the information that you can find on the match
– your own analysis of the match
– the specialists’ analysis

The problem is : where to find the specialists ? There are many websites or people on twitter providing picks but it is very hard to find accurate (true ?) records of their performance.

This is why I had the idea of the ATT : Association of Tennis Tipsters.
Based on the model of the ATP/WTA, I will organise a serie of tournaments on which tipsters will compete against each other, win points and then be ranked. Exactly on the same model as ATP/WTA.

The idea is to have a fun way to talk and provide predictions on tennis, a fun way to promote the best tipsters and then have reliable source of information for our own bets.

This is free, no real money bet ! Rules are detailed here.

Who is ready for this challenge ? Our first tournament may be organised during Miami Master 1000 events.

I am looking forward to your comments.


Original blog :
ATT rules :



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