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2017 Tennis Bracket Challenge - ATP

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
Brisbane Backhandpass Jammymich
Chennai Backhandpass Jammymich
Doha Twdean (Tyler D) Jammymich
Sydney - -
Auckland - -

2017 Tennis Bracket Challenge - WTA

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
Brisbane Twdean (Tyler D) Backhandpass
Auckland Backhandpass Twdean (Tyler D)
Shenzen Reiskorn24 Backhandpass
Sydney - -
Hobart - -

2016 Tennis Bracket Challenge - ATP

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
Monte Carlo Moxie Bert
Barcelona Britbox Moxie
Bucharest Moxie Billie
Estoril Britbox Billie
Istanbul Bert Britbox
Munich Bert Billie
Madrid Jammymich Billie
Rome Britbox Jammymich
ROLAND GARROS Billie Britbox
's-Hertogenbosch Backhandpass Billie
Stuttgart Twdean13 Britbox
Halle Jammymich Twdean13
Queens Jammymich Backhandpass
Nottingham Backhandpass Twdean13
WIMBLEDON Moxie Denis & Backhandpass
Hamburg Twdean13 Jammymich
Newport Twdean13 Britbox
Bastad Billie Bert
Washington D.C Britbox & Twdean13 Bert
Gstaad Twdean13 Bert
Umag Twdean13 Bert
Kitzb├╝hel Britbox Bert
Rogers Cup Bert Billie
Atlanta Bert Britbox & Backhandpass
Los Cabos Twdean13 Bert
Los Cabos Twdean13 Bert
Cincinnati Britbox Reiskorn24
US OPEN Twdean13 Backhandpass
Shanghai Twdean (Tyler D) Backhandpass
Shanghai Twdean (Tyler D) Backhandpass
Antwerp Backhandpass Twdean (Tyler D)
Moscow Jammymich Reiskorn24
Stockholm Backhandpass Jammymich
Basel Jammymich Reiskorn24
Vienna Billie Twdean (Tyler D)
Paris Reiskorn24 Jammymich

2016 Tennis Bracket Challenge - WTA

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
Bogota Billie Bert
Stuttgart Jammymich Bert
Istanbul Bert Billie
Rabat Bert Britbox
Prague Moxie Britbox
Madrid Jammymich Bert
Rome Jammymich Bert
ROLAND GARROS Denis * backhandpass
Nottingham Backhandpass Billie
's-Hertogenbosch Billie Backhandpass
Birmingham Jammymich Twdean13
Mallorca Backhandpass Bert
Eastbourne Jammymich Bert
WIMBLEDON Billie Jammymich
Gstaad Backhandpass Bert
Bucharest Backhandpass Jammymich
Stanford Bert Backhandpass
Bastad Backhandpass Billie
Washington D.C. Billie Bert
Rogers Cup Billie Moxie
Rogers Cup Billie Moxie
Florianapolis Bert Backhandpass
Nanchang Bert Reiskorn24
Cincinnati Reiskorn24 Moxie
US OPEN Backhandpass Jammymich
Tashkent Degerocher Reiskorn24
Beijing Backhandpass Twdean (Tyler D)
Beijing Backhandpass Twdean (Tyler D)
Tianjin Twdean (Tyler D) Billie
Hong Kong Twdean (Tyler D) Backhandpass
Linz Backhandpass Reiskorn24
Moscow Jammymich Reiskorn24
Luxembourg Backhandpass Jammymich

* won Global Tennis Bracket Challenge

Tennis Virtual Betting Challenge- ATP

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
2016: Indian Wells Britbox Denis
2016: Miami Britbox Moxie
2016: Monte Carlo Carol Britbox
2016: Madrid Masterclass Denis
2016: Rome Bert Carol

Tennis Virtual Betting Challenge- WTA

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
2016: Rome Moxie Bert

NFL Pick & Pass

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
2015-2016 Season Billie Moxie
2016-2017 Season Billie Britbox


May 18, 2016
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